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This roadmap will change over time based on new functionaly as well as feedback from the community and participate developers. Please check back occassionally.

Functionality Description Planned Release Status
Installer Add a simple windows installer. V1.01 Completed
CGOS Compete on CGOS Server. V1.04 Completed
KGS Integration Add support for playing on KGS. V1.05 Completed
Distributed Search Distribute search over multiple computers. V1.05 In Progress
Mono Add Mono compile script. V1.05 Completed
Pondering Search while the opponent is thinking. V1.06 Completed
Mueller 04 Complete Martin Müller's 2004 Unconditional safety by alternating play algorithm. TBD
Monte-Carlo Implement a Monte-Carlo/UCT search. TBD
Local Games Decompose the board into seperate, independent local games. TBD

For internal development and testing purposes:

Functionality Description Status
Continuous Integration Integrate with CruiseControl.Net. Completed
Unit Testing Add NUnit Tests. In Progress
Regression Suite Develop a regression suite to test existing functionally. In Progress

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