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Commit Policy

In general, attempt to commit changes to GoPlex one feature or bug fix at a time. Small modifications and frequent commits reduce the number of build problems and make bugs easier to find and fix. When committing a set of changes, commit them all at once and not individually (by file, for example). That way each commit will be in a buildable state before and after each commit.

If possible, include a unit test using NUnit for each new feature added or bug corrected. These tests are ran automatically as part of GoTraxx Continuous Integration environment. This integration notifies everyone when the expected behavior of the program varies (usually when a bug is introduced) within a few minutes after the commit.

Here are some additional common sense guidelines for committing source code:
  • Never commit code that doesn't compile
  • Test your changes before committing
  • Take responsibility for your commits
  • Don't commit code you don't understand
  • Don't commit if other developers disagree
  • Think twice before committing

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