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Project Description
C# program that plays the game of Go.

This is an experimental program that attempts to play the game of Go using a combination of AI (artificial intelligence) techniques – mostly various searching methods with domain specific knowledge optimizations.

Read the Road Map.

If you are looking for a strong program, take a look at GnuGo, one of the strongest open source Go programs. One of the goals of this project is to exceed GnuGo's strength.


GoTraxx has the following features:
  • Board Management
    • Incremental data structures with undo
    • Blocks (connected stones of same color, including empty blocks)
    • Color-Enclosed Regions
  • Implements the GTP v2 (Go Text Protocol)
  • Reads and writes SGF (Smart Game Format) files
  • David Benson's Unconditional safety algorithm
  • Martin Müller's Unconditional safety by alternating play algorithm (partial)
  • Search Methods
    • Min/Max Search
    • AlphaBeta Search
      • Depth-First, Iterative Deepening, Move Ordering
      • Transposition Table, Principal Variation Search (PVS)
  • GnuGo compatible Patterns compiler (partial/incomplete)
  • Multithreaded DFA Compiler (for patterns)
See the Installation Instructions.

CGOS Ranking

Visit the CGOS Rating page to see GoTraxx's progress over time compared to other Go playing programs.

Definitions & Class Structure

Read the Definitions for a list of technical terms, their descriptions and examples. In addition, review the Class Structure for implementation details. This is an educational resource for contributing developers and those interested in Computer Go.

If you are interested in participating in this project, please visit the Development page to learn more about how you can contribute, including the Coding Standards for this project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read the FAQs for more information about the game of Go and GoTraxx.

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