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Installation Instructions

You have to options for installing GoTraxx:
  1. Download the source code and compile the program yourself; or
  2. Download the installation package available from the "Release" tab above.
If you use the installation package and accept the defaults, GoTraxx will install in the "C:\Program Files\GoTraxx" directory.

Console Application

GoTraxx is a simple console application. Executing the binary executable will launch GoTraxx and it will immediately begin accept Go Text Protocol (GTP) commands from the console.

GoGui Integration

GoTraxx is best used along with GoGui, a graphic user interface to programs that play the game of Go using the GTP. GoTraxx integrates very closely with GoGui. Unless you enjoy entering GTP commands manually, it is recommended that you install GoGui to use GoTraxx to the fullest.

To attached GoGui to GoTraxx, select Program | New Program from GoGui's main menu. And configure as shown below:


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