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This project needs contributing developers. If you are interested, please contact the Project Coordinator: tgiphil.


GoTraxx uses the following software tools to aid development:

Tool Description Required?
Visual Studio An integrated development environment (IDE) for writing source code Optional/Strongly Recommended
Visual Studio Team Explorer Visual Studo add-on for access to source code at CodePlex Optional/Strongly Recommended
NUnit For unit testing Required
NDoc For documentation generation Optional/Recommended
CruiseControl.Net For continuous integration Optional
CCTray For real-time feedback of continuous integration build progress Optional/Recommended
Mono Open source implementation of the .NET framework Optional
MonoDevelop Open source IDE for writing source code Optional

Definitions & Class Structure

Read the Definitions for a list of technical terms, their descriptions and examples. In addition, review the Class Structure for implementation details.

Coding Standards & Commit Policy

Please review GoTraxx's Coding Standards and Commit Policy.

Continuous Integration

Immediately after each check-in of source code, GoTraxx is automatically checked out, built and unit tested on dedicated server using CruiseControl.Net. You can review this process by visiting GoTraxx Continuous Integration website. Or optionally, use the CCTray application. Configure it to point to: and select the GoTraxx project.

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